Our Services

Our services includes Custom software development, Third party Software distribution, implementation and user training as well as the following:

  • Information Management.
  • Data Processing and Archiving.
  • Data Management.
  • Data Mining and Warehousing.
  • Predictive Analytics.

Our Products

  • ACADATA TM-Academic Process Administration Solution (ERP).
  • LICASOTMLibrary Service Software.
  • MIS TM- Management Information System Administration. (ERP).
  • LISA TMLand Information Software Administration.
  • AWARIS TM Agricultural and Water Resources Software.
  • GISA TM Geographical Information Software Administration.
  • EXCHEQUER TM Bank and Financial Service Software.


Our services in the Energy Sector are focused on electricity transmission, distribution management and oil pipeline network integrity management.

Informatics Company & Telematics distributes electronic prepaid and credit meters, provides the Software and necessary computer hardware based on SCADA and SG61 technology to manage electricity transmission and distribution. Especially our EPTDMIS offers the following: DATA/TELEMETRY SERVICES :

GIS Mapping & Consumer Indexing
  • Schematic Representation of Distribution Network over geographical area.
  • Facility for query based analysis
  • Web access to detailed information of all the assets and consumers on the map
  • Graphical Tools for Data Analysis
  • Complete Geographical, Electrical and Physical GIS based database at one platform
Asset Management
  • Complete asset database management
  • Individual asset records on hierarchical basis with detail information as desired by the utility
  • Facility for storing inspection/maintenance schedule and information related to outage
  • Man Power Scheduling for Asset Maintenance
  • Roster Management for Meter Reading/On – Spot Billing
  • Facility to update the asset database as per the actual field conditions
Meter Management
  • Facility to store and tracking meters details owned by the utility
  • Storage facility for meter recalibration and testing details
  • Fault Analysis
  • Capability to handle a large amount of meter database
  • On-line Meter reading and account ting
Billing & Revenue Management
  • Use to automate the meter reading and billing generation process
  • Input meter Reading Data from MRI, AMR System, Real Time GPRS/CDMA Terminals
  • Ability to facilitate the manual, MRI based and Camera based meter reading and bill generation
  • On-Spot Billing using Mobile Printer
  • Integrated Approach to Bill generation and associated elements like Payments etc.
Work Flow Management
  • Define work process as per utility’s needs
  • Customize and manage various processes
Sub Station Automation
  • Dynamic Interface with Wonderware SCADA Software, PLC’s and RTU
Maintenance and Outage Management
  • Asset Maintenance Scheduling
  • Prevention and Outage Management
  • Workforce Management

Our Services in the Oil/Gas and fluid utilities is to provide the requisite GIS technology for pipelines integrity management. Rust and burst pipeline are a common feature in Nigerian Oil & Gas pipeline networks.

We are concerned with providing the requisite technology to view and monitor pipeline networks to ensure integrity at all times. In all, our SCADA/Telemetry Services involve the deployment and integration of appropriate third party solutions for the benefit of our clients in the public utilities.

Energy Auditing & Accounting
  • Facility to enter/interface the meter reading of DT meter and other system meters
  • Facility to enter the meter reading of consumer on-line
  • Energy accounting as per the electrical network i.e. Substation Wise, Feeder Wise, Distribution Transformer Wise
  • Facility to carry out the energy accounting as per the administrative hierarchy of the utility
Load Forecasting
  • Load Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) techniques and statistical methods
Network Manager
  • Establishes Hierarchy of Distribution Network Elements
  • Establishes logical relation for different assets
  • Ability to define administrative areas of the utility
Mobile Application
  • Billing Application on PDA
  • On-spot Billing using Mobile Printer
  • Maintenance Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    • Help in maintaining registration of consumer grievances
    • Facility to track the action taken for remedial purpose
    • Immediate action on customer complaints
    • Details of the action taken on the complaints and its status can be viewed
  • Analysis of the complaints and MIS generation for proactive action
    Data Mining & Trend Analysis
    • Facility to carry out the analysis of different database to generate the MIS reports
    • Ability to generate the MIS reports based on the logical relationship between different entities
    • Utility Defined comparison of Parameters in 3D
    • Trend Analysis on User Defined Parameters
    • Identification of Areas of Excellence and Worst Performance
    • Dashboard reporting at Immediate Senior Level
    Connection Management
    • Handling New Connection through predefined process of the utility
    • Tracking of disconnection/Reconnection
    • Electronic database management
    • Automatic Sequence generation

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