Our History

I C & T Ltd emerged in 1995, from the offshoot of Centre for Advancement Studies at Ilorin, Kwara State, IN CENTRAL Nigeria. The Centre, founded on January14, 1991 was initially conceived to offer training and research in computing. However, market trends created the need for a resourceful I.T. services firm to provide computer solution for the Ilorin environs.

We then at CFAS quickly rose to the challenges by expanding the original concept into a full blown I.T. services group, providing the under listed services;

  • Computer Hardware and Software Distribution and Re-manufacturing.
  • Design and Installation of Local, Metropolitan and Wide Area Networks.
  • System software Development and Implementation.
  • Internet Solutions, Systems Automation and Data Management.

Thrilled by our early success, we therefore incorporated a more appropriate business name
I C & T (Informatics Company and Telematics) to suit our current service offering, reducing CFAS to a subsidiary specializing in I.T Education and Consulting.

When we expanded our IT services offering; our customer base also increased necessitating our opening offices in Lagos and Abuja. We gradually assumed a national outlook. We also moved our corporate headquarters to Abuja. Under a positioning program tagged “Strategy 2000”, we decided to specialize our services. This led to the spinning off of every core service offering into a corporate subsidiary unit, from where five core subsidiary units emerged.

I C & T Group consists of the following subsidiary business units:
  • Informatics Company and Telematics Ltd
  • Infosol Software & System W/A Ltd
  • Officestat Equipment Ltd
  • Streamnet Ltd.
  • CFAS IT Ltd.

In the last three years our turnover has grown steadily. From 2007, we project to grow at 150% P.A, seizing new opportunities of the expanding Nigeria I.T. services sector to peak at $100m P.A in 2009. With a current staff strength of about 35, comprised of Engineers, System Architects and Business Managers.

I C & T is nimble, compact and agile. IC&T also has eyes on global positioning. We are currently setting up branches in the UK, UAE, and the USA.

We are currently executing a 5 year corporate aspirational program intended to catapult us to the top-five IT services group in West Africa. The program tagged “Project Noble Eagle” commenced in November 2004 and is scheduled to end in 2009.


To be a leading international player in Informatics and Telematics Technology.


To set and sustain a standard for leadership in I.T. services in the African continent and beyond.


To employ the highest ethical standards and best corporate governance practices in the administration of the company.



IC&T’s business objectives is to rise to the Information Management Challenges of our immediate environment . We are strategically structured towards providing delivery of a community-based resource services for the Education industries and Energy Sector by improving access to sustained usage of internal and external information through use of innovative technologies in order to increase productivity, improve the business standards and consequently strengthen democratic values across the globe while building a long term, trusted partnership with our clients.

IC&T is always motivated by new innovations and upcoming technologies,hence we constantly upgrade ourselves to the latest and the most appropriate technology available in the industry in-order to serve the latest and the best solutions to our clients,.

Our company will be delighted to welcome any further business enquiries or even professional issues that prospective customers, clients or just curious enquirers may have.

Jim Daniels Nnah

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