Our tradition at IC&T Group is to rise to the Information Management Challenges of our immediate environment. Our focus market, Nigeria has been enormously challenged by inadequate electric power supply and management as well as inefficient petrogas resource management.

These two components of energy resources are major income earners on which any development of society is anchored. Therefore the deployment of requisite infrastructure and efficient information system to manage Nigeria’s Energy Resource is considered a critical high mass by IC&T both in terms of company’s opportunity for revenue and growth and overall National Development.

Our services in the Energy Sector are focused on electricity transmission, distribution management and oil pipeline network integrity management.

Informatics Company & Telematics distributes electronic prepaid and credit meters, provides the Software and necessary computer hardware based on SCADA and SG61 technology to manage electricity transmission and distribution. Especially our EPTDMIS offers the following:



Our Services in the Oil/Gas and fluid utilities is to provide the requisite GIS technology for pipelines integrity management. Rust and burst pipeline are a common feature in Nigerian Oil & Gas pipeline networks.

We are concerned with providing the requisite technology to view and monitor pipeline networks to ensure integrity at all times. In all, our SCADA/Telemetry Services involve the deployment and integration of appropriate third party solutions for the benefit of our clients in the public utilities.


InfosolTM -a subsidiary of IC&T delivers a solution that quickly provides quantifiable business value. We employ only real world, functional business and technical experts who will develop an implementation plan that identifies and balances both long-term strategic direction and short-term business priorities.

InfosolTM offers to implement the best-of-breed enterprise resource planning solutions that helps its clients to have relevant and up to date information. Our enterprise resource planning solution implementation enhances the capability to make the right decision at the right time by the right person within the enterprises and help them achieve excellent business results.

We have a team of dedicated, intelligent and experienced programmer who produce scalable and maintainable software solutions for all your software needs.


StreamNetTM is the IC&T Subsidiary that is concerned with Internet Services, Provides Satellite links for small and medium route services in a flexible manner that makes it affordable. Our choice of Equipment provides for rugged and reliable services that yet do not burst the purse.

Spectrum of Service


CFASTM IT - a subsidiary of IC&T Limited provides world class education in information technology and Business. We provides well structured training programmes which will embrace both general scientific computing knowledge as well as defined specific products and solutions certifications.Click here for details


OFFICESTATTM IT - a subsidiary of IC&T Limited is a dependable authorized channel of computer and office Equipment products for renowned brands of HP, DELL, IBM, SENHEISSER, ASUS and INTEL. There are also many other complimentary office products which are resold under a 3rd party arrangement.

Officestat is an assembler of high quality personal computers under an original Equipment manufacturer brand name of Officestat.
At Officestat we build and supply:

  • Enterprise and Work group servers.
  • Workstations, Desktops and Personal Portable computers.
  • UPS.
  • Multi functional Enterprise printing and imaging solutions.
  • Network and Cable storage cabinets.
  • Re-Manufacturing and distribution of Printer inks and Laser toners.

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